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IELTS exam in Germany
IELTS exam in Hong Kong
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Update from General IELTS exam, Hungary

This awesome report came from a Hungarian guy right after he was done with IELTS and it was very fresh in his memory. Thank you very much, Tamas, for providing this study case - well done!

The first part was a phone conversation of a tour reservation, and you needed to collect names, phone numbers, and such factual data. Then, I still don’t remember the next two parts.
There were single choice and multiple choice tasks involved. Then in the last part there was a text about water shortages, the history of dams, and a comparison of water dams and water banks. This was a fill-the-gaps task, with synonyms often used.

One question I couldn’t figure out with multiple choice questions: the leaflet said “questions 12-14″ and then 5 options from which I had to pick 3.The answer sheet however, clearly asked for question 12, 13, and 14 separately. Let’s assume the answers are A, B and E. In which order do you mark these on the answer sheet? Which is the answer for question 12/13/14 exactly?

To explain this one: in such cases the order doesn’t matter. Make sure you select the right choices, write them on Answer sheet in any order, they will be all accepted. (Simone)

With the skimming technique I managed to save so much time that I had more than 10 minutes at the end to re-check every answer (to correct two obvious mistakes in my case), which were already copied to the test sheet.

There were four parts:
1) A table comparing 3 lodging packages
2) A travel insurance leaflet
3) A one-page text about retraining courses
4) A 7 paragraphs text about the advantages of wind turbines as alternative energysources.

I tried not to over think some of the T/F/NG tasks, but still I’m not sure in two cases:

1) The travel insurance leaflet contained a clause something like“laptops and other electronic equipments are covered (if their model and id were registered previously)”, and the question was whether the insurance covers/doesn’t cover/or covers in some cases. I’ve chosen “covers in some cases” here, thinking that the condition applies only if…
Well done! (Simone)

2) The retraining told something about apprenticeship (with a footnote that it means studying and working at the same time, and one of the courses told it is for apprenticeship, trainees, and other general studies (or something like that, unfortunately I can’t recall), and there was a question whether this course usually includes part-time work. I chose NG, as I felt that the fact that it USUALLY includes part-time work (that is apprenticeship and trainees in my reading) was not emphasized in the text.


Task1 Your friend will be staying at your home, but you can’t be there. Write a letter in which you explain:1. How the keys will get to him/her2. How to use the electrical appliances3. Recommend some interesting places to visit

Task2 Some people say subjects like arts, music, drama and creative writing are more beneficial to children, and therefore they need more of these subjects to be included in their timetable. Do you agree or disagree?

I was sort of winding down by the end of the test, dehydrated and was not creative enough in the second task, so I wrote only in general (despite the fact that they asked for personal experiences to be mentioned), and too short. (235 words total, and no time left to extend that. At least I kept the essay structure, so knowing that was a great help.

There was an hour break before interviews started. There were 2 examiners for the 16 candidates, and each interview took about 15 minutes, so that means something like 2-3 hours waiting for the last candidates.

Generally, the examiners are very kind; they (of course) let you speak when they see you have something to say. It is up to you, though to answer their questions in the meantime.

About tape recording: the interview starts with a short tape-recording test, which tests the physical condition of the tape-recorder, but be prepared to hear your voice back from a tape: if you haven’t heard it before, you might be surprised how different it sounds (to you), and don’t let it distract you (this was a case for one of my fellow candidates).

Update from General IELTS exam, Canada

This summary came from a couple of very happy Canadian students. Both of them used IELTS-Blog materials, got 7 in General IELTS and felt like helping others. Thank you, guys!

Task 1 Imagine your going to an English speaking country; write to a rental agency,a) the type of house you want.b) its size.c) the surroundings.
Task 2 Discuss your opinion about how modernism can affect our health. What can the government do to overcome such circumstances?

Give me your name?(Asked my passport- identity)2. Tell us about your work/job?
Little speechWhat is your opinion about working in shifts. Give examples: doctors, hotel staff, etc.

Discussion Different jobs demand shift work, in my opinion should the choice be given to the candidate to work in shifts or not.

Update from Academic IELTS exam, Canada

Thanks to Ann from Canada I can post these topics from recent Academic IELTS exam. Good job, Ann, thanks for caring - your help is most appreciated!

Reading Reading was really difficult, topics were about1) Co-education and Single-education2) Penology3) Telepathy

Task 1 Line graph Number of inquiries received by tourist receptionist (by phone, by email/mail and in person) from January to June 2004
Something like this: As the richer people grow richer, the poor people are getting poorer. What problem rise in this situation and how can we cope with them.

InterviewAre you working or studying?What do you like the most about your job?What kinds of weather do you like most and why?Why nowadays people are getting married older than they used to. Why do you think our grandparents were getting married at early age?

Little speech Describe something that I made by myself

What is the difference between things that are made in bulk and the one you’ve made? What can you say about globalization? What are the effects of globalization?

Update from General IELTS, Spain

Do you remember this beautiful tradition we used to have, when you shared your IELTS experiences with me and I made sure they are available for many other students just like you?
I’d like to invite you all once again - let’s keep doing that, because people write and tell me it’s really helping them. Take some time to put a little email together, let me know what country you’re from - I’ll take care of all the rest.

And now to the latest news - we have an update from Spain (thanks, Gino).

Reading included 10 advertisements and the questions were about which ad says they want the userto provide transport, which ad says user can get a better bargain, so you have to read carefully,because some of the adds had same ad as answer (at least I thought that way, don’t know till the result comes.

Writing Task 1
Write a letter to neighbor about the garbage problem you have
· Introduce yourself
· Explain the problem
· Provide appropriate solution

Writing Task 2
Small shops in town and villages are closing and replaced by big stores. Explain your opinion, do you think it is good or bad.

They asked about my school, what I did on last weekend, and then went to ask about jobs in shifts, advantages & disadvantages. Well I messed up a little bit as I got a bit nervous. I suggest to everyone to stay in a relaxed mood.

Update from General IELTS exam, India

Thanks to Chikur from India I can give you this update, enjoy!

The only thing I remember - it was too fast. I had to sneeze and missed 2 answers!

Reading was a bit tough this time. In General Training IELTS, thefirst 20 questions are usually easy. But this time I found first 10questions about a long passage. Actually that passage was“answers” and we were supposed to match the “questions”to them, so it took longer. Two more reading passagecame with questions of True , False, Not Given typeand I had to fill up the gaps in the summary.


Writing Task 1
:Write a letter to a college Principal, where you attended one day computer course and are unhappy about the way it was conducted. Explain the type of course, what happened and what can be done that it never happen again

Writing Task 2:In Many countries, children are getting fatter and less fit day by day. What is your opinion about it?

Questions about my hometown, I was asked to describe it.
Speech Describe 2 people from the same family, their similarities.
Discussion Change in trends of the family types and about respect of elders in my family and my country.

Update from Academic IELTS exam, Argentina

This incredible material was brought by IELTS candidate who wished to remain anonymous.

1. Phone call with representative of “Mobility Company”. A man asked directions to their showroom, and made some inquiries about the products he couldget or install for his father, who had a weak back.

2. Recorded message on the phone, giving tourist information about some caves in Great Britain. (At the end there’s a quite long phone number, out of 15 people taking the exam, I couldn’t find anyone who was sure about the numbers he/she had written.There were too many numbers, no repetitions, too fast.

3. Girl talking to student adviser. She asked about Science and Biology oriented undergraduate courses, if those were part time, full time or flexible; if there were any scholarships available or not.

4. Students giving a lecture about white rite, a mineral, which is source of barium, and main natural resource of their town.

1. Math classes in Japan2. About penology and amateur contributions to scientific research3. About archeology on Easter Island.


Writing Task 1:Line Graph: Production of vehicles 1998-2002. Amount of hours required to manufacture a vehicle in four US based factories: Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler.

Writing Task 2:Some people think that there are benefits in going to private secondary schools. Others feel that private secondary school can have negative effect on the society as a whole. What is your opinion? Justify and give examples according to your knowledge or experience.


· Greeting, Name and ID
· Do you live in a village, town or city?
· Is it a nice place to live?
· Why do you like living there?
· Is it a good place to live for young people?
· Do you like flowers?
· Do flowers have a particular meaning in your country?
· Do people give flowers to each other as a present?
· Do you know any other languages?
· What other language would you like to learn?
· What do you like about learning different languages?
· Why is it important?

Card about helping someone. (I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere, either online or in some book)

· Do you like helping people out? Why?
· Do you think people help each other more now or before?
· Is it usual in your country that people help others, strangers?
· Does your government help poor people, or people in need? How?
· Do you think it had to provide more help before than it has to provide now?

Update from Academic IELTS exam, Australia

This brief update is from latest Academic IELTS in Melbourne, Australia
Listening topics:

1) Tickets’ booking over the phone
2) Seaside walk
3) Lecture on village life

Reading topics:
1) Bananas
2) Photography
3) Flavor sense

Writing :

Writing Task 1:
Compare postgraduate project work in a UK university in 80s,90s and 2000s on the basis of either they complete it on time, late, rewrote orfailed to write at all

Writing Task 2: Multicultural societies bring more benefit to the countrythan drawbacks, discuss.


Interview questions - nothing special
Speech - long talk about a photograph

Recent Academic IELTS exam

Thanks to our friends from Vietnam, I can give you this update from recent Academic IELTS test.

Writing :

Part 1: Two line graph, which shows percentages of employment amongst men and women in England from 1993 to 2000.

Part 2: In order to learn a new language well, you should also get to know the culture and the lifestyle. To what extent do you agree with this idea?


Interview questions
· Greeting and show ID?
· Student or working?
· Where are you studying?
· Do you like it? In what way?
· Have many friends? How about close friends?
· What do you do to express you ‘re a good friend?


Your favorite story as a child

· How does the above story affect you?
· Differences between a person in a story/film and in a real life?
· What is the character of an actor/actress in a film that people in your country like?
· What could people study after watching a film / reading a book?

IELTS exam - update from Vietnam

As you may have noticed, there is a new category in IELTS-Blog - Recent IELTS exams. You can find there everything my students tell about their IELTS exams : topics, tasks, stories.
This post is also about recent IELTS - our friend D. P. Hieu from Vietnam brings an update from an Academic IELTS test he took on 29/7/06.

Listening :
Part 1: Complete Table about Recyled process.
Part 2: About Orientation Day.Part 3: Foods for children.
Part 4: A lecture about a successful company run by a woman in India.

Reading :
Very, very hard.Part 1 & 3: too complex to describe.Part 2: About fishing in Alaska (US).

Writing :

Part 1: A normal bar chart shows (and compares) the number of employed workers in 7 sectors (trading, tourism, manufacturing….) in New Zealand in percentages between 1990 and 2000.

Part 2: Earlier developments in technology are bigger than recent ones? Discuss. Give your own ideas.

Quite a lot of questions. Lasted for exact 22 min (too long, isn’t it?). Yes, that’s true. Phew….Examiner ’s name : Peter Braigtain (or something that sounds like that)

Interview questions
· Greeting and show ID…
· Student or working?
· Where are you studying?
· Do you like it? In what way?
· Have many friends? How about close friends?
· How can you use time with your friends?
· According to you, how is a good friend?
· Spending time with family?
· Eating at home VS going out for meals.
· Advantages of cooking at home.
· Who cooks in your family?

Topic: your dream vehicle!!!

· Vehicle ’s effect to society in general?
· Are car ads on TV, radio effective?
· Private vehicle VS Public Transport?
· Advantages of Public Transport? What you love best?
· Disadvantages of Public Transport? What you dislike the most?
· Should Government play the main role in developing public transport? How to improve it?

More Fresh IELTS Tasks And Topics

Thanks to my thoughtful students, Kimunn (Cambodia) and Huma (Pakistan), I can share with you more IELTS exam tasks and topics, all from Academic IELTS.This is what Huma told us about her IELTS exam:

Writing Task 1:
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The bar chart shows the percentage of internet users and non-users in Australia in 2001 in different age groups. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below..

Download the bar chart here
You should write at least 150 words.
Writing Task 2:
You are advised to spend the maximum of 40 minutes on this task.
What are the possible effects of living long on an individual and on the whole society?Give some examples for and against according to your knowledge.
You should write at least 250 words.

Speaking Sections
Interview What is your name, student or employee, what is your job? If a guest suddenly comes to your home, what do you do? What you will show to a visitor?

Card Questions about favorite shopping center

· Where it is?
· What kind of shops are there?
· Why do you like it?
· What influences you mostly to shop there?

Discussion Related to shopping
· Online marketing, its advantages and disadvantages
· Comparison of cheap shopping center and branded shopping center

And this is what Kimunn remembered:

Writing Task 1 - describe the process of making cement and concrete
Writing Task 2 - discuss the advantages and disadvantages of private secondary school.Speaking section - they asked about what is the meaning of flowers in my country.

Fresh IELTS topics from yesterday’s exam


Writing Task 1
(Letter) - Write a letter to publisher in a newspaper, asking to advertise a meeting of people from different countries you are organizing. Explain where, when and why.

Writing Task 2 (Essay) - Nowadays for many people Internet is replacing regular books. What do you think will happen in the future and what is your opinion.


Interview - the interview was completely ordinary, questions : name, student or employee, what is your job, describe your regular day.

Card - questions about public transportation in your country.

Discussion - ecological consequences of public transportation and what can be done to improve the situation.

Today’s IELTS - live report

1) Listening was difficult, in one task they gave us a diagram and I had to understand directions on it. The easiest part was about archeological excavations of some sort of bones. I didn’t do too great.

2) Reading was much better, I even had 7 minutes in the end to check myself. I remember 2 passages. There was a really long passage (2.5 pages) divided into 3 sub-sections and I had to be careful not to mix questions of different sub-sections. Its topic was distant learning, its advantages and disadvantages. The last passage was about traveling in Australia, how much money it brings to Australian government, how much different kinds of travelers (single men, couples, etc) spend on vacations of different types.I wrote my answers on the Answer Sheet and in the booklet - it really saved me time when I had to check myself in the end of Reading section.

3) Writing:
Letter topic - Write a letter to a book shop manager about a book you’re looking for, ask him to find the book and send it to you. I finished it in 17 minutes and managed to check myself in the remaining 3.
Essay topic - Today majority of children are raised by their grand parents, due to the fact that their parents are busy working. To what extent do you think it affects the whole family? I wrote essay with 5 paragraphs - Introduction, 1 paragraph against and 2 paragraphs in favor of grandparents raising the children and, of course, the conclusion paragraph with my own opinion. I managed to finish it in 35 minutes and 5 left to correct spelling errors.
4) Speaking:
I messed up and gave my passport to the examiner before she asked for it. She returned it to me, switched the tape on, asked for it so tape would record the question and then I gave it to her again, saying: “Here is my passport, please”. The whole process has to be recorded on tape.
Interview questions: Name, job, current place of living, describe apartment.Card - Describe apartment where you lived in the past, when, where, with whom, what did it look like.
Discussion : What has changed in our living arrangements today compared to the past.

5) That’s all, I hope it helps!

IELTS Essay Writing Samples

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 8
Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 8, written by students and graded by IELTS teacher. Every essay is checked, marked, has remarks and suggestions. The topic of essay appears when you hold mouse over the link. All the essays are in PDF format.

IELTS Essay, topic: Computers instead of teachers

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

There is no doubt that education and the learning process has changed since the introduction of computers: The search for information has become easier and amusing, and connectivity has expedited the data availability. Though experts systems have made computers more intelligent, they have not yet become a substitute of the human interaction in the learning process. In my opinion; what can be expected, is a change of the teachers’ role but not their disappearance from the classroom.
Nobody can argue that the acquisition of knowledge is more fun and easier with computers. The mere activity of touching and exploring this device constitutes an enjoyable task for a kid. This, accompanied with the relaxing attitude and software interactivity, usually conduce to a better grasping of new knowledge. At a higher educational level; the availability of digital books, simulator and other academic materials, provide the student with an ever accessible source of information, that otherwise would not be at hand.
But, besides the increasing complexity and behavior of intelligent software, which is usually embedded in the academic digital material, the need of human interaction in the learning process will always be present, at least in the foreseeable future. There is the necessity for a human being to be able to determine what the specifics needs of each individual are. The expertise of a teacher in how to explain and adapt complex concepts to different individuals can hardly be mimicked by a computer, no matter how sophisticated its software is.
As computers are becoming a common tool for teaching, teachers should be more aware of their role as guides in the acquisition of knowledge rather than transmitters of facts. They have to be open minded to the changes that are taking places, keep updated and serve as a problem solvers in the learning process, thus allowing students to discover the fact for themselves.
To summarize, in my personal view, teachers play and will() play an important role in the classroom, especially at the primary level. No matter how complex computers become, there will be no replacement for the human interaction, but in the way haw this interaction takes place.

Excellent essay! Are you a native English speaker? Well done. The only problem: too long, 365 words instead of 250-265 maximum.

IELTS Essay, topic: Events bringing people together

Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

Every four years, the whole world stops to watch international sporting events such as the Olympics and the Football World Cup in which athletes show their best performance to make their country proud of them. These sporting occasions have proved to be helpful in easing international tensions in difficult times when powerful leaders were trying to control the world’s economy and other governments were fighting over land.
The Olympic Games are one of the best examples which prove how sporting events can bring nations together, at least temporarily. From ancient History, when Greeks and Romans would interrupt battles to participate in the games, to the more recent international disputes, when athletes from Palestine and Israel would forget their differences, compete pacifically and even embrace each other after an event. Moreover, these popular events have called the world’s attention to the terrible consequences of wars; thus some leaders have tried to accept agreements to end their dispute and live peacefully.
Similarly, international sporting events show benefits in some developing countries which live in a daily internal civil war. For example, Brazil has a high rate of unemployment, lack of education, hunger, crime, poverty and corruption which leads to an immense embarrassment of being Brazilian and a low self-esteem. However, when the Football World Cup starts, the Brazilian squad, which is considered the best team in the world, provokes an amazing feeling of pride in their country. Most people seem to forget all their problems and even the criminal activity decreases. They paint roads with the national colors, use wear the Brazilian team shirt and buy national flags. Moreover, the competition brings families and neighbors together and even rival gangs watch the games and celebrate peacefully.
In conclusion, popular sporting events play an important role in decreasing international tensions and liberating patriotic feelings as History has shown.

This is a great essay, the ideas, language, structure of paragraphs and sentences, grammar show high level of English. In my opinion it is Band 8. Keep up the good work.

IELTS Essay, topic: Rich countries should help the poor

Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas.

Today’s world has been divided into developing and industrialised countrieswhich the main difference between them is the amount of money that governments apply in important sectors such as education, health and commerce. Most of the poorer nations are buried in debts as a result of their unbalanced finances which are reflect in a failed health care, an unstructured education system and a weak international trade. This vicious cycle will continue indefinitely unless wealthier nations show interest in minimizing the worldwide economic differences, as well as taking more responsibility for assisting unfortunate countries.
Most of the African countries live in sub-human conditions because of the extreme poverty, upheaval, hunger, disease, unemployment, lack of education and both inexperienced and corrupt administrations. The devastating consequences of the AIDS epidemic in those countries could improve if the infected populations receive free drugs to control the disease, have access to health professionals and get information on how to prevent its spread. But this can only be achieved through international help programs in which leaders of the world’s richest countries donate medicine and also send doctors and nurses to treat and educate those in need.
Moreover, most of the poor countries rely on selling agricultural products and raw material to rich nations and buying industrialized products from them resulting in a huge financial deficit. Consequently,they borrow a significant amount of money from the World Bank to try to improve their broken economies, but sometimes the money disappears with no significant changes and they cannot even pay the interest to the bank. Regarding this issue, last year the G8, which is comprised of leaders of the eight richest nations, decided to forgive billions of dollars worth of debt owed by the world’s poorest nations. In addition, they developed adequate loan programs to financially assist those countries.
In conclusion, leaders of the industrialised countries play an indispensable role in assisting developing nations deal with essential areas such as health, education and trade. Also, their aid is the key to breaking the vicious cycle, which results in poverty and death.

This is an amazing essay, looks like Band 8 to me, nothing to improve here.

IELTS Essay, topic: Computers replacing teachers

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

There have been immense advances in technology in most aspects of people’s lives, especially in the field of education. Nowadays, an increasing number of students rely on computers for research and to produce a perfect paper for school purposes. Others have decided to leave the original way of learning and to get knowledge through online schools. These changes in the learning process have brought a special concern regarding the possible decrease of importance of teachers in the classroom.
Some people believe the role of teachers started to fade because computers have been helping some students to progress in their studies quicker than when compared with an original classroom. For example, in the same classroom, students have different intellectual capacities, thus some would be tied to a slow advance in their studies because of others’ incapacity of understanding. In this way, pupils could progress in their acquisition of knowledge at their own pace using computers instead of learning from teachers.
However, the presence of a teacher is essential for students because the human contact influences them in positive ways. Firstly, students realize that they are not dealing with a machine but with a human being who deserves attention and respect. They also learn the importance of studying in group and respect other students, which helps them to improve their social skills.
Moreover, teachers are required in the learning process because they acknowledge some student’s deficiencies and help them to solve their problems by repeating the same explanation, giving extra exercises or even suggesting a private tutor. Hence, students can have a bigger chance not to fail in a subject.
In conclusion, the role for teachers in the learning process is still very important and it will continue to be in the future because no machine can replace the human interaction and its consequences.

This is a great essay. Looks like Band 8 to me. No improvements are necessary, Keep up the good job!

Note: the essays are checked by IELTS teacher, not IELTS examiner or examiner trainer.

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 7

Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 7, written by students and graded by IELTS teacher. Every essay is checked, marked, has remarks and suggestions. The topic of essay appears when you hold mouse over the link. All the essays are in PDF format.
[coming soon in pdf format]

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 6
Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 6, written by students and graded by IELTS teacher. Every essay is checked, marked, has remarks and suggestions. The topic of essay appears when you hold mouse over the link. All the essays are in PDF format.
[coming soon in pdf format]

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 5
Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 5, written by students and graded by IELTS teacher.

The topic of essay appears when you hold mouse over the link. Every essay is checked, marked, has comments and suggestions. Hold the mouse over underlined words in blue to see suggested corrections. Teacher’s summary is at the bottom of each essay.

IELTS Essay, topic: Capital Punishment

Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes or violence increase. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Committing serious crimes need capital punishment so that the offender unable to involved in the crime in the future. However, If they want to stop the violated act in the future then it would better to forget him and judge him for a change .Overall, I agree with the fact that punishment is the way to avoid the crime to be increased and hence our lives become more secure. If the wrongdoer wants to be a good man and there is some financial or personal problem that led him to the wrong way, then it would be the nice option to forgive him and try to solve the problem he have. Although by this way, some bad man may become effective part of the society but some do not bring themselves to the right path because they are very much used to of it. The person that _ involved in the crime and never try to stop the law-breaking act should be punished in the extremely serious way. However, it totally depends on the nature of crime. Some crime led to capital punishment and some may require small penalty. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of punishment that he deserves. If there is weak legislation to properly handle the offender, it may become our society less secure for the good man. The government should be responsible authority to provide secure and better state to live. Laws should be implemented and executed in the most proper way that do not allow the offender to commit violence act or to break the law in any way or extent. To sum up, it is the responsibility of the state runner to stop people to involved in crime. It may be done through solving the problems of the people that led them to commit violence act or by the punishment accordingly.

Where are the paragraphs? This is a very good essay; however there are many small mistakes that will cost you dearly. There are also several unclear expressions and grammatical errors.
You should rewrite it, giving more thought to what is required, eg. paragraphs.

IELTS Essay, topic: Education with or without a teacher

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

It is certainly said that learning is an ongoing process .Every person learn something new according to their age, experience knowledge and education. According to my point of view it is always better to have _teacher or guide for study.
One teacher has adequate knowledge to teach their student. He knows all the possible ways to make subject easier for the students, even he teaches them in effective manner. For example, some students are weak in some subjects but a teacher always guides them according to their mental capacity. He teaches them as fun. Some people can learn better in group by discuss the topics with others. In class people can know the other’s views, even they know how we can learn effectively. Where the teacher always give easy direction to learn.
In the today’s competitive world, everbody is busy, some people think that rather to waste their time to go for classes they can learn better regarding their subject _. They can attend online classes by using internet at home. They can get relevant information from internet regarding their topic. There is not specific time, age limit to learn something new. Some thing new which we always learn only with the experience such as atequates, knowledge, new habits and so on.
In sum up, I would like to say that it is always better for the people to have teacher because one teacher has good knowledge, experience and education to teach others. They can take learn easy from him rather by themselves.

Where are the paragraphs in this essay? You must be very careful using definitive words like “always” and making statements of fact. The essay is for you to provide an opinion and to provide supporting arguments. Also, the other side of the argument about teachers that have limited knowledge or people that learn better on their own is not presented here.

IELTS Essay, topic: Popular hobby rather than favorite passtime

Nowadays people like to change their day by day activities into the latest trends and also they are following popular things what their surrounding peoples make them popular in their area. This essay will explain the reason why the peoples are spending more timefor popular hobbies rather than their individual activities spending time.

Hobbies and interest are different for every one; this is human nature,which is given by god. The current generations peoples are very much interest in the latest trend which makes them happy and also help them to make more money. For example, the cricket is the most famous games in many of the country, the children and teen ages are starts playing when ever they have free time in their daily life. This makes them will become a star in this game when they reach certain age in their life. In addition, this popularity will help them to make huge money in their life. Beside this, there are many hobby changes the peoples entire life into different way.
Those are from poor family aiming to spend more time to make money rather than their own interest. However, some of them are not worry about the popular hobbies and interests. For instance, drinking alcohol is one of the popular hobbies between low level and high level budget peoples interest.
In conclusion, _spending more time for popular hobbies and interests really depends on their surrounding people’s activity and environments. It may be a helpful for them to become a star in their life or spending time with many friends.

Avoid statements such as “This essay will explain the reason”, your essay should present a point of view including supporting information and examples. The essay needs to be easy to follow plus the English should be accurate and appropriate.

I suggest you read many essays that have been awarded high band marks and really think about how the writer has structured their essay.

IELTS Essay, topic: University money better spent on libraries or sports

University should give same amount of money to their sport activities as they give to their liabrary. Do you agree or disagree?

Yes, I do feel that universities should have equal budget for their liabraries as well as _ sport activities. It is our general belief that good player can not be _ good student and hence we restrict our children’s sport activities at college level. Moreover, academic degree has much more value than sport activities which naturally compels students to focus more on their studies than their sport interest.
Most of the universities keep sport at last number of their priority list, because of which good players do not get enough facilities and equipments to improve thier skills and eventually they loose their interest.Universities can play _ substantial role in shaping this upcoming talent by providing them with good trainers and equipments which is otherwise expensive to afford. Also it will attract other students towards sports and inculcate importance of physical fitness in them.
Universities should produce genious in all fields rather than only concentrating on progress of scholars. Hence, I feel that universities should allot equal money to liabrary as well as sport activities.
Your essay too short, the introduction is good, as is the first paragraph but you must offer more arguments regarding why you agree or disagree. There are many spelling, punctuation and article errors. The essay is easy to follow but has the appearance of the writer running short of time.

IELTS Essay, topic: Modern medicine helps to live longer

Modern medicine helps to live long life. Do you agree?

The modern medicine is very important for living long life. It is depend on new technology. People take very easy and quickly. Also modern medicine is very quick absorbing to human body. It is helps to back to normal for people health condition. Therefore I agree with this statement the modern medicine is helps to live long life.
First of all, the modern medicine can prevent incurable diseases. Doctors can find some diseases very early. Then doctors can give suitable medicines for patient. New modern equipments are helps doctors is going to correct way. Also intelligent people in the world live long life on helps from modern medicine. That is very important in the human society because their creative things are coming with them and they can help to others long time when they are living in long life with comfortably.
Beside, old population is increasing in the country. It is badly effect in country economy and especially for third world countries. But old people are very important in human society because their experience definitely helps to living safely and planning to new project. “Experience is better than qualifications” However, old people are living long life; it is helps others to live long life because we can get advice from them and they are covering our culture and society.
Moreover, modern medicine is being addictive for some people, so that they can not live without medicine. They should take medicine all their lives. Also modern medicine is very expensive. Therefore most of poor countries couldn’t take modern medicine and it has taken commercial shape also it is depending on money. In the modern medicine have not facts of human kindness. People who they have money they can take modern medicine. But indigenous medicine has well human friendly shape. It has not depended on money.
To summarize; in my personal view, modern medicine is helping live long life with comfortably. Modern technologies are being supported to find unburnable diseases very early. So doctors can take correct path immediately. Therefore, may I not hesitate to agreed the above mention statement.

Your essay has confusing sentences, where your meaning is unclear.
You mix advantages and disadvantages of modern medicine in one paragraph when you should divide them – put advantages in one and disadvantages in another.
If you agree with the statement, you should have 2 paragraphs supporting your opinion and one supporting the opposite opinion, in your essay it is 2 against and 1 for.
The structure of sentences and the grammar are not very good. Try to read more essays of Bands 6 and 7 to see how you can improve your writing.

Reading Tips

IELTS Reading test: how to practice smarter

Well, IELTS is getting closer and you are practicing harder, solving more IELTS exams, reading passages, etc. But is it the most efficient way of practicing?

The best tip I can share with you is this: when you check your answers versus the correct ones, pay special attention to those you did WRONG. There always will be a chance to congratulate yourself later for those you’ve got right.

When you are going over the wrong questions one by one, try to understand why your answer is wrong, why the answer from the answer key is correct, and most importantly - why you made that mistake. Remember it and make sure you never make it again.

See what trap you walked in, what are your “weaknesses”, what type of task is the hardest for you. If, for instance, most of your mistakes are in “True/False/Not Given” task - double-check your answers there. Or may be your problem is “Matching heading” task? Then pay extra attention to that kind of questions.

IELTS Reading tips: True, False, Not Given
Every IELTS Reading test, no matter Academic or General has tasks of this kind. Lots of students tell me (and I agree) that this is a very confusing task.

For those who has no idea what I am talking about, I’ll explain - this task has a statement, and your job is to say is it True, False or Not Given in the reading passage.

How do you “attack” it? First learn the rule:

· If the statement clearly appears in text - it is True
· If the text clearly says the opposite of statement - it is False
· If you didn’t find the statement to be True or False - it is Not Given
For example:“Smoking is dangerous and can lead to cancer” - T, F, NG

1) If the text clearly says that “smoking is dangerous and leads to cancer” than the answer is T.
2) If the text says that “No research showed evidence that smoking is dangerous and leads to cancer” than the answer is F.
3) If the text says “The research included smoking people of both genders of ages 30 to 45″ and nothing else about smoking - your answer is NG.

Don’t make these mistakes:

· Don’t assume anything based on your knowledge and experience, read the text! It is the oldest trick in the book and they use it a lot in IELTS.
· Don’t “over think” your answer - you could start building long logical sequences that will take you to the wrong answer.

A few Academic Reading tips
Academic Reading module is a little bit different from General Training - instead of 4 or 5 it has only 3 passages (more difficult ones). Actually the first passage is usually the easiest and then they become more and more difficult. With that said, here come the tips:

First of all - don’t read the whole passage. Train yourself to scan and notice only the important information. After you go over the text for the first time, you should know what each paragraph is about, what its main idea. This way of “reading” saves you a lot of priceless time.

Second, watch your time closely. Don’t divide the 60 minutes you have into 3 equal parts of 20 minute. Why? Because the last passage is the hardest and you are going to need more than 20 minutes to crack it. So I suggest 15 - 20 - 25, but feel free to look for any other timing that works for you.

Third, don’t forget to copy your answers to Answer Sheet. You can write them in the booklet as you read the passage, but you get your score based on what is written in the Answer Sheet.

Forth, if you can’t find an answer to certain question - mark it with big fat ??? so you can easily see it later and move on to the next one, don’t get stuck. Later you can get back and try it again if you have time left.

Fifth, count your words - if instructions say “answer in 3 words” - you need to answer in EXACTLY 3 WORDS, when even “a” and “the” count as a word!

When you practice, read your passage, answer the questions, compare your answers to the Answer Sheet and pay special attention to the wrong answers. You need to understand WHY you made those mistakes and remember them so you won’t make them again.